Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Book #5 Autumn by David Moody

Autumn by David Moody was such a fun read and I really enjoyed it. An unconventional zombie like apocalypse book of awesomeness read in giant bites until my stomach was full. Like any giant meal it left me a bit sick at the end but still wanting dessert so I hope for a sequel. Moody got his start giving away books and this publicity was what made him popular. I love those unconventional ways authors and publishers get us to read their books.

Well I do have great news for all those iPad ebook readers. iFlow Reader has added support for Adobe library ebooks. It's taken way too long but we finally have some supported ebooks to check out from the library. I'm currently reading an ebook checked out and its working perfectly. As long as you have an internet connection you can check out any ebook you want at anytime of the day. There is only one downfall to this and that is waiting lists....yes you will have to wait for the most popular ebooks. I don't know if the new popularity of ebooks will get the library extra copies or not but all I know is that the waiting list can be long if you choose popular ebooks.

If you spend more than $200 on books a year you should invest in an ereader and this will save you in the long run. You will check out more books from the library without leaving your home. You will not have to spend as much on paper books because ebooks tend to be less expensive. As I've said before I do not do all my reading on the iPad only about 50% because I still love the feeling of having one of those beautiful soft paper books in my palms. I have still noticed a huge savings in just one year. Stay tuned for an article on the practices of reading ebooks.

Getting a new toy such as an iPad is just another way to get you interested in reading!

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